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The Modality Team

Meet the three women heading up our growing team of researchers and data analysts. Together they dive deep into the world of sex so you can really get down to business with the highest class of sexual health, wellness and pleasure data.


Modality CEO and spokesperson, Lex isn’t just a skilled researcher, strategic planner, project manager and business analyst, she also happens to speak Mandarin and can easily liaise with Chinese sex toy manufacturers having lived in Asia for 7 years. 


Lex understands the global market for sex toys and Modality is her brainchild. When she’s not researching the latest sex industry trends, she’s meeting with clients and pitching collaborations.


Klara is Modality’s expert in sex industry developments. Alongside her work with Modality she’s a Business Intelligence Manager for a global eCommerce company. We won’t tell you which one, but let’s just say it puts her in a prime position when it comes to understanding eCommerce - which is a vital area for our clients. 


Klara speaks English, Spanish, Portuguese and French and has experience in global business strategy in the Americas, Europe and ASEAN.


When it comes to manufacturing and technical knowledge, Tumi is Modality’s resident tech specialist. She’s also fluent in several African languages and has 10+ years in manufacturing and operations.


Working as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer, and with her South African background, Tumi offers a unparalleled perspective for Modality clients looking to expand to the African continent.